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O’Gorman Solicitors Sandyford has been involved in property law and conveyancing for over 20 years – working with both private and commercial clients.  The core focus of O’Gorman Solicitors Sandyford’s property practice  is on private clients buying and selling homes.

Residential Property

We are just emerging from several years of major issues in the residential property market – featuring very significant property devaluations, all of the challenges of negative equity and serious tightening of credit lines by banks – all accompanied by many individuals experiencing reductions in personal income, new property taxes and increased levels of income tax.

In addition to working with clients buying or selling homes we have also assisted a range of clients in restructuring their current finance arrangements.


Buying a home is one of the most important financial transactions in which you are likely to be involved.  We’ve been through the process – and all sorts of different purchases – so we are well placed to guide you and flag any likely issues early.  Assuming you are financing the purchase with the assistance of a bank/ lending institution we will also be providing them with the assurance they require (certified title) in order to lend to you.

We will work closely with you throughout the process and ensure that you have  a clear understanding of any issues and likely impacts in terms of contract completion e.g. delays in closure.


Selling a home is also likely to be a key financial transaction for any individual.  There are many issues to be considered and we can work with you to flag these in advance of your decision to sell.  You may be selling in  very different circumstances (e.g. seeking to trade up/ trade down, selling in financially stressed circumstances, selling after the grant of probate).  We will advise you on required actions, draft the contract for sale, work through finalisation of the contract with the Buyer’s solicitor.

Management Company

Unfortunately we have significant experience in dealing with matters arising related to Management Companies e.g. not properly formed, not meeting their obligations with respect to upkeep of common areas.  We will advise you and address issues related to management companies where relevant to any purchase.  We also work with clients who have previously purchased and are seeking to resolve issues with respect to the relevant management company.

Dispute resolution

We have worked through a range of property related disputes on behalf of our clients e.g. title disputes, party walls, rights of way, easements and trespassing.  Our preference is to resolve these issues without litigation involving court procedures.  Where mediation can be used to assist in resolving property disputes between parties we can offer these services.


Over the last number of years several clients have been involved in refinancing of property loans – both related to principal private residences and investment properties.  We have assisted clients working through the processes in conjunction with financial advisors, lenders and other legal advisors.

Commercial property/ Investment property

O’Gorman Solicitors Sandyford has a range of commercial clients with various property assets and related requirements.  We have provided a full range of services including purchases, disposals, dispute resolution, short and long term leases.

If you have any query or you believe we can be of assistance to you please call us on 01-2902418 or email us at shauna@ogormansolicitorssandyford.com.