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Executor: 5 Tips to help you

You have been appointed an executor to an estate under the terms of the Will. As executor you are required to gather in all the assets of the Deceased, discharge any liabilities and distribute the net estate to the beneficiaries in accordance with the terms of the Will.

Five tips for you as an executor

    Locate original will and obtain the death certificate (Death Certificate can be applied for online or you may attend the Office of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Lombard Street, Dublin 2)
    Make a list of all bank accounts, post office accounts, credit union accounts, prize bonds, insurance policies, share certificates and the title deeds of the house. (Generally this will require you to work through the personal effects of the Deceased – the Deceased may have some or all of the above, but a complete financial picture of the Deceased is required)
    Find out the PPS number of the Deceased. (This may be located on some previous correspondence between the Deceased and Revenue Commissioners or may be included on documents such as a Social Welfare Card; alternatively you may need to contact Client Identity Services of the Department of Social Welfare and Family Affairs)
    Create a list of the names, addresses and PPS numbers of all beneficiaries. (This will be required for completion of documents to be filed with the Revenue Commissioners as part of the probate process)
    Put together the details of funeral and wake expenses. (These are permitted expenses of the estate and are required to be set out in the Inland Revenue Affidavit document to be submitted to the Revenue Commissioners)

Summary of probate process

The above tips make for a good start in the probate process.  Briefly the process involves:

    Completing an Inland Revenue Affidavit
    Drafting of an Oath of Executor
    Filing of these completed documents with the original (and copy of) Will and original Death Certificate in the Probate Office
    Waiting for processing of documents by Probate Office (and dealing with queries which may arise)
    After grant of probate is received from the Probate Office present this document to each relevant financial institution
    Ultimately financial institutions release funds to Executor or Solicitor
    Settle any outstanding liabilities and arrange distribution of net funds to beneficiaries

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