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Collaborative Law

Shauna O’Gorman  is a founder of South Dublin Collaborative Lawyers – a group established to promote collaborative resolution of family issues.

Collaborative law offers a means of resolving family law issues without going to court. The process is client centred with each spouse/ partner being advised by his/her own solicitor. Following initial consultations with your own solicitor, negotiations take place in four-way meetings. Legal advice is provided throughout but all decisions are made by the parties with the support of the solicitors. Collateral damage is minimised and the process facilitates flexible arrangements particularly for children.

Why collaborative law?

O’Gorman Solicitors Sandyford promotes Collaborative Law because it:

  • Allows both parties to make key decisions about the future of their family without having to go to Court.
  • Encourages both parties and their lawyers to work together towards resolving all issues and meeting all needs.
  • Encourages lawyers and clients to cooperate and agree to stay out of court.
  • Provides an open transparent informed and frank process with full disclosure of all important information.…
  • Allows parties to negotiate in a principled dignified and respectful manner.
  • Encourages exploration of as many options for settlement as possible.
  • Is structured to meet all needs and inherently promotes the best interests of children.


If you have any query or you believe we can be of assistance to you please call us on 01-2902418 or email us at shauna@ogormansolicitorssandyford.com.